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Honoring Workers’ Memorial Day

April 28 is Workers’ Memorial Day, a time for us to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives or suffered injuries on the job. As we remember our fallen brothers and sisters, we also renew our commitment to fighting for workplace safety.

According to the International Labour Organization, approximately 2.3 million workers die yearly from work-related accidents and diseases. This translates to more than 6,000 workers losing their lives daily, or one worker dying every 15 seconds. 

Here at Local 534, we are committed to your health and safety — because we believe every worker deserves to go home safe and sound at the end of the day. This includes advocating for stronger workplace standards to ensure that trained professionals do projects safely and effectively.

One way we’re fighting to make our industry safer is by supporting a bill in the Massachusetts State Legislature that would require training and certification for fire-resistant material applicators. When done correctly, fireproofing can help protect lives and property during a fire. Click here to urge your state lawmakers to pass this vital legislation.

This Workers’ Memorial Day, let us honor our fallen brothers and sisters — and renew our fight for safe and healthy workplaces for all workers.