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Training & Apprenticeships


World-Class Training

Training lays the foundation of success for our members and contractors. Boston Local 534 offers an industry-leading training program for apprentices and ongoing education for members. Learn more about upcoming training opportunities below.


Join the Local 534

Are you seeking a career in a skilled trade? Boston Local 534 might be right for you. 

We’re proud to offer world-class training through our Joint Apprenticeship & Training Program, providing Apprentices the skills and experience to succeed as Local 534 Plasterers and Cement Masons.

Our Apprentices learn directly from seasoned craftsmen in our industry and develop their own skills and techniques while working at the Union hall and on job sites. After completing 6,000 hours of training, Apprentices graduate to Journeymen, with leading wages and benefits, a lifelong career, and Brothers and Sisters throughout the industry. 

How To Apply

Interested in becoming a plaster or a cement mason? Great news! We will be accepting cement mason apprentice applications on the first Monday of each month. Plasterer apprentice applications will be accepted from the last week of July to the end of the first week of August.

As a member of Local 534, you’ll have the opportunity to receive work-class training, earn top wages and benefits, and join a community of great workers building our region.

To apply, fill out the application below and return it to our Director of Apprentice Training William Redmond at or faxing it to 617-825-7519. Be sure to review the materials required for an interview.