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Local 534 Announces Endorsements for September 6 Primary

Local 534 is proud to announce its list of endorsed candidates for the 2022 primary election. These 24 candidates, running for office at all levels of government, have earned Local 534’s endorsement through their strong individual records of fighting for workers’ rights.

“Each and every one of these candidates have proven themselves as champions for working people in Massachusetts and Maine. From Governor to school committee, they will fight to rebuild the middle class and protect workers’ rights,” said Business Manager and Financial Secretary-Treasurer John Sweeney. “We’re proud to stand by these leaders and their pro-labor policies. Local 534 is confident they will ensure the rights of workers.”

Local 534 represents hundreds of skilled and licensed craftspeople across New England. We applaud these candidates’ commitment to prioritizing the needs of working people and their recognition of the vital service our members provide to the communities that rely on us.

Maura Healy

Lieutenant Governor
Kim Driscoll

Attorney General
Shannon Liss-Riordan

State Auditor
Diana DiZoglio

Secretary of State
Tanisha Sullivan

Deb Goldberg

Jim McGovern

State Senate
Lydia Edwards
Paul Feeney
Sydney Levin-Epstein
Paul Mark

State House
Pete Capano
Kate Lipper Garabedian
Jessica Ann Giannino
Kevin Honan
Roxanne Longoria
Ronald Mariano
Steve Teehan

Boston City Council
Gabriela “Gigi” Colleta
Michael Flaherty
Erin Murphy

Framingham City Council
Philip Ottaviani

Quincy School Committee
Kathy Hubley

Janet Mills