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Biden Mandates Project Labor Agreements for Large Federal Projects

When President Joe Biden entered office last year, he promised to usher in the most labor-friendly administration in history. President Biden understands that unions built our country and they built our middle class, and his latest executive order is a stunning show of support for the work we do every day.

Last Friday, President Biden announced that all federal projects over $35 million must use project labor agreements to ensure that our tax dollars go to safe, efficient projects and family-sustaining wages for the workers that build them. In doing so, he ushered in an exciting new era for labor. 

Project labor agreements don’t only benefit the workers who work under them. They benefit our communities and taxpayers, too. Project labor agreements:

  • Include contractually required diversity and equity provisions in hiring. 
  • Ensure that workers receive fair wages, benefits, and protections on the job. Any contractor who meets the requirements of the collective bargaining agreement can bid — union or non-union.
  • Ensure that our workforce receives industry-leading training, leading to safer, more efficient job sites

We’re proud to have witnessed such an important act of solidarity from our nation’s highest office. Thanks to this historic announcement, we can look forward to building back better together.