Launch of Massachusetts Building Trades Recovery Council

Recovery Graphic

Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday marked the official launch of the Massachusetts Building Trades Recovery Council, and we want to ensure that our members and their families are aware of the resources it provides.

Building Trades Unions offer everything from detox and treatment programs, to counseling and peer support groups. If you are struggling with addiction, you are not alone, and your union and peers are here to lift that burden.

Local 534 members and loved ones who are struggling are encouraged to call 617-774-03311-800-878-2004, or visit You can also find more information about programs across the Building Trades at

As many are still unaware of the Health and Welfare benefits provided by their unions, this launch aims to spread the word to those in need. If you are not struggling, please consider sharing this message or this page to ensure all union members in need know how to access support programs.

Thank you for standing with our brothers and sisters in this initiative, and always remember:
No stigma. No shame. Only solidarity


John Sweeney
Business Manager / Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Billy Redmond
Director of Training & Labor Management Fund Analyst